YG’s version of Kai

I just spiked a thought on how Kai would take his fragile pathways in his career road if he wasn’t under SM but instead, under YG. This is just a thought how it would go ;

I somehow noticed how SM doesn’t have any intentions to diversify and develop his talents. Obviously, Kai specialises in dancing and has a lot of passion that never dies for it. SM gave him the role as the dancer in EXO, a part of the dance line. He stays like that. Is that going to stay until they get old and disband? There must be a time where he expanded his talents and is steady and good enough to release a solo album and do solo activities. A time where the EXO members has grown into men who’re independant and tough enough to earn money by their own sweat and effort.

So it’ll be nice if something like this happens ;

As YG is known to be focused on producing artists more, he would’ve treat him like what he did with Minzy of 2NE1 whom had a similar situation as Kai’s.

Minzy came in as a trainee who’s specialised in dancing. She didn’t do much practice on singing during her pre-debut and early-debut days but focused on her role of being the dancer of the fierce girl group. After some time after hr debut, she did a lot more singing and this developed and expanded her skill on being an artist. Considering that she can also rap. Now she has 3 more noticable talents ; dancing, rapping and singing. Nowadays, people even claim that she has the best voice in the group, outshining the actual vocalists in the group. Just imagine how much benefits this can give her in the future?

Kai deserves this kind of treatment. He needs to shine more than just say he dances for the group and let people underestimate and doubt his right to be a member in EXO. He could gain a lot more appreciation in music and earn priceless respect. Diversification is important in the industry, the world improves everyday so we can’t just sit and let the ship sink.

I may sound demanding, ungrateful, disrespectful etc. But this is just another silly wish I want to come true. This is just a tiny & irrelevant voice but as I said earlier it’s just a spike of thought. Voicing a tiny wish & totally clean from hate ♡